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The Inside Scoop on Spit and Argue ...  Way Back When, in the nineteen twenties, the people of Long Beach held a debate by the beach.  It was called "University By The Sea" and "Spit and Argue."  

I bought the domains/URL's and while writing for the VIEW FROM THE HILL News (NOT to be confused with the monthly "View From Long Beach Magazine" that moved in shortly before the VIEW News' demise).   Enjoy the Links Below, they forward to whatever my fancy is this month! 
Founder and Chef Eggsecutive Offspring
of The Prime Spot dot Com.

Spit n Argue - Phoenix, AZ

Google Search "Spit and Argue" to find out more...
Currently you'll wind up right where you are when you

Recently LOCAL NEWSPAPERS have labeled columns SPIT AND ARGUE.  Intellectual Minds Think Alike!  (My idea of photographing the "normal joe" in a weekly publication ALSO took off - but not at the VIEW)...  Anyway, Highly Recommends and Encourages learning  what others in this world think...  But if you disagree, don't just fume,  TURN BULLFIGHTS INTO BRAINSTORMS!*  For instance, sometimes I listen to "racist radio" on AM just to see what other people who LOOK just like me THINK opposite about! 
Scary!  Because these people, too, can draw an audience...

* This message is brought to you by

The SPIT AND ARGUE CLUB formerly hosted at
was a "rich family feud."  I'm figuring since it has been taken down, matters
between father and son have been resolved. 

NOTE:  If you were the one who offered to purchase Spit n' Argue
through an internet broker, email me DIRECTLY

I am tossing around the idea of fwding it to an internet "show" I can only describe
as "Internet Squares" Debating Faith!  (NOT suitable for the easly hurt, insulted, immature or ornry!)

LOCAL POLITICS and ACTIVISM: (Click here) fwds you to This Land on yahoogroups, con permiso de Founder T. KLEEKLAMP. Straight Forward Local Politics with some humor and sometimes just plain meanness. Long Beach, So CaLifornia

(Click Here to) Hear TPSradio @ CITY HALL: Local residents of Long Beach share why they DO or DON'T want the LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Terminal to come to Long Beach. LISTEN AT YOUR LEISURE: Just click on TAKE FIVE and LNG...

Erin Gruwell taught at LB's Wilson High School!
( Note:  Wilson HS goers of ANY year
can connect through the site of )

Also, check out these sites:

You can also find FREEDOM WRITERS on YouTube!

Note:  This is from a recent email by Gina Woodruff, a member of
"Anyway...I finally looked up your site. Awesome! As a native...I appreciate you for gathering so many highlights from around our city. It's a fun site!  I totally agree with you on Freedom Writers...I thought it was exceptional. It seems many teachers and residents have boycotted the movie believing it's all about exposing Long Beach as a dangerous place to live. How unfortunate that anyone should miss such a powerful story. I took my two sons to see it and, I think every teen should see it. This film is not only the best of it's kind, it's one of the best films I've seen. Keep getting the word out so more LB residents will see it before it goes away."

 *  *  *

Tom Brokaw wrote a book about those who fought for our

and it is Tom's!

If you are a WWII Veteran
sharing your story, let
us know!

*  *  *

If YOU would like a FREE CD of the
to your favorite troop,
lv messg 562-804-5625
after you check out


One day in October I asked a coworker (a war veteran) and his son (currently serving) if they could appear on a local TV show VIEW FROM LONG BEACH (produced by Lois Ledger). The taping would take place just a few days after his honorable disharge from the service and would be aied around VETERAN's DAY.  It was there, at that moment I learned my coworker was on leave, tending to his son recently riddled with schrapnel.

I recalled exchanges about their emails.  It sounde as if his son was concerned for the newst soldiers ("just kids!") the new recruits.   Also, unnecessary accidents were taking place due to Lack of Sleep.  He is currently mending but I will ask them onto  -  KaRi seeks interns for site building, interNetworking, brainstorming, etc.
Contact within!
PO Box 562 Long Beach, CA
(562) 804-5625   (FB) TPSradio

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