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TEMPORARY GRAFFITI (below).  When you refute your bogus ticket (because a City Worker or contractor mistakenly painted half of a curb (metered parking space red), it'll cost you $25 atop the initial $49.  The City of Long Beach will determine you are in the wrong.  To quote a City Employee who quoted a City Supervisor, "What's Red is Red,".... And to quote Cynthia Ness,  "Hearing Examiner's Letter of Determination, "Although the space where the vehicle was cited  has a meter, but doesn't appear to be large enough for a regular sized vehicle, the curb is still painted red and no portion of any vehicle may be parked in a red zone."  <<<WHAT??!! IMAGINE IF they painted half of Bill Handel's parking space red and then ticket him? - or yellow, or blue?!>>    If you contest the ticket at that level, it's another $25 and  trekking up to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse downtown LOS ANGELES.    IMAGINE IF, as a joke of course, someone went around and painted curbs in BELMONT SHORE Half Red, causing people to get parking tickets wouldn't fly.  DA NIELSEN wouldn't do such a bogus thing!


After receiving a Street Sweeping Ticket in an Orange County town, I decided to challenge it.  This is my story (below) which a friend laughed and entitled A Comedy of Errors.  IT IS A RACKET!!  The errors are indicated in red.

Status Update:  I'm waiting for the La Palma and Buena Park Police Departments return my money because this case was dismissed.  Vern from BP was wrong, they did NOT send an officer to court to state he issued me a ticket - we KNOW that already and THAT would have been a waste of time and police resources;)

I fought a street sweeping ticket in another city which does NOT, in my opinion, provide adequate signage. ONE SIGN at the entrance to the track which I didn't bother to read because it's four blocks up and two blocks over from where I was parked states" NO PARKING All Streets in This Tract from (day of week and time) due to Street Sweeping.  Are any readers familiar with California Vehicle Code sections 22507 and 21351, interpretation of?    I'm "fighting" on the  PRINCIPLE, not the $30.
I posted to LCCN (Los Cerritos Community News) and also to the Publisher's page.   Wouldn't it be cool to see ALL of the people that prob wound up LOSING their cars and jobs at least get their $30+ back because of a CLASS ACTION lawsuit? This is what I wrote on LCCN - why not LIKE their page?:

Street Sweeping: ONE No Parking sign per Tract or per City Entrance = A Racket! I live in Long Beach where signs are plentiful (and much appreciated now!) about STREET SWEEPING. I visit one of the cities covered by LCCN and wind up with a ticket outside of a house a friend (from a different country who doesn't own a car!)'s house. After searching high and low, I find ONE SIGN at the front of the tract - two blocks up and 5 blocks over. QUESTIONS: a) How is this legal? b) Why is it acceptable to its residents? An inquiring City Gal wants to know!
-->  SIDE NOTE:   I fought the beast once and lost. Going for round two. I have a friend who said she's fine speaking for me at a City Council Meeting. For now, let me save y'all some money with APPS. (Smart Phone Needed): "Street Sweeping Alarm", "Move Your Car", "Park My Car", "Park Smart (San Francisco - in case you ever visit;), "Sweep: BOS" (Boston) , and "Street Cleaner" (San Diego). I am the person that fought a ticket across from Town Center YEARS AGO and lost* but wound up getting that 40MPH Speed Limit Sign installed near Denny's thanks to a nice Lakewood Road Engineer named George Enball. (*lost: Cop named Wolf or Wolford told the judge, "There's been a sign posted on that strip for over 20 years" and George said I wouldn't need the work order to back up MY claim - which I DID need. Instead of fighting it a second time, I returned the letter written to me, deleting my name and tell-tell info and circled the 7 misspelled words with these words handwritten across the paper, "I hope whomever typed this letter wasn't the one responsible for making this decision" and addressed the envelope to the Supervisor.
(YEP - Decades Letter and I remember two names from the ordeal!) <--
I called the City in which I received my street sweeping ticket about the status. I was told the decision will be mailed to me. After not receiving anything within 10 days, I STOPPED into the police station. The dispatcher named P said, "I KNOW I've seen that challenge - I remember the writing." After looking around she said, "Oh, maybe it got stapled to someone else's parking ticket."  YEP, that's where it was.  The form itself was signed "under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that on the date below set forth the notice was deposited in the U.S. Mail in a sealed envelope, postage fully-pre-paid."
So there it was, my form with one word stamped on it showing my appeal was denied and due (by the next day).  I paid the ticket and asked about appealing the decision.  (LIKE, why can't first time offenders get a WARNING?  Turns out I had 15 days from the date they supposedly mailed it to take it to the next level ie. taking to it a Hearing Review in a neighboring city.  I called that city and the Police Dept employee who answered the phone replied they (that city) do not review parking tickets from the City in which I received one.  I called back the issuing city and the person who found my stapled form to someone else's parking ticket remembered me. She said I must have gotten a part-time employee who didn't know the correct information. She verified the specific days I could go to that police station and talk to a specific person but I told her that is one day LATER than I have to do so.  (They only hear 2 days, not Mon-Fri) The told me if there was a problem with the deadline that she'd tell them about the mailing error.
I went to the neighboring police station and the contractor (NOT a police employee) said. "Oh, I'm not going to override their decision." I replied, "SO WHY DO THEY BOTHER SENDING ANYONE HERE if there is NO CHANCE to win an appeal?" He stated in the 9 years he's been doing hearings, only 3 or 4 people came in from that city." "YES", I said. "It's set up as a deterrent.  WHO is going to lose a half day of work to fight a ticket for less than $100?  This is a RACKET!"
He then tells me I have ANOTHER course of action:  To go to yet ANOTHER Orange County City and file an appeal for $25. (My street sweeping ticket was $30.  Do the math!)  I leave the building, sit on the bench outside overlooking my paperwork and notice he dated the day of his decision (today) 9 days from now.  I walk back in the building and point that out to him.  "It must be your birthdate.  Your wife's birthdate?  Anniversary?"  He then recalls there WAS one time he overturned a parking ticket fromm (my) issuing city.  I asked him the reason, which he didn't recall.  "Was it your grandkid's ticket?" I asked.
He then explained what the $25 was for:  The court will summons the citation-issuing officer to the court.  I'm like, "For WHAT?  I know NOW it wasn't the day to park there.  He's not needed- the problem is the SIGNAGE."  He mentions the vehicle code and I replied back,"The vehicle code is not detailed as to sign placement, in this case two blocks up and five blocks over."
I leave and after getting home, look up the phone number on google for the North Justice Center in Fullerton.  I notice they have the wrong zip code for the Justice Center on the form he gave me.  I call him after I call a 1-877 phone number I found on the web to which a representative states he's ONLY been trained re: traffic tickets, not parking tickets and they have no phone number.  He gives me a 714-449-8100 which is disconnected.  The correct phone number is 1-877-872-2122 (for Traffic and Criminal, NOT for Parking tickets or direct at (657)622-5600.  I called various extensions and between 4:00-4:30 heard the same, "We are now closed.  Our hours of operation are between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00 pm" (WRONG!  They obviously close at 4pm!)  The website is NOT occourts.orgS (no plural) as one extension announcement states!


You may think Long Beach parking is for the birds, but AT LEAST they have No Parking signs on every street!

 My name is KaRi.  I love my Country/man and appreciate rules, ESPECIALLY FOR THE ROAD.  I'm REALLY not a rebel!  I rec'd an award in 2003 from the  U.S.P.S. for my slogan, "Celebrate Our Differences."  My advice to you if/when you are pulled over for a moving violation is, PUT BOTH HANDS OUT THE WINDOW AND KEEP THEM THERE!

This below video actually applies to ALL DRIVERS across the USA- it's NOT just black and white. Chris Rock can even get rid of those words. SUPERB because it's informative and funny -but SAD that some of us who don't know the feel of cuffs can laugh at the most crucial times... 01:45 - 01:50 : Did he just say what I thought he said?! My concern re: 02:00 led me to put out a call for my city's ARRESTING PROCEDURE specifically Hand Placement. Thankfully NAACP + Police came through & held a Seminar at MLK Park.

More coming soon!  Got recommendation for good sites and APPS!  Email me at
PO Box 562 Long Beach, CA
(562) 804-5625   (FB) TPSradio

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