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ABOVE:  The Pooch above will be spending alot of time alone when Momma Dee goes back to work.  If you would like to hang out with a couch dog in your home in 90802 or 90813, call (562)804-5625 to DOG SHARE!

(BELOW:  The first "music video" TPSradio created for local TV featured a singer songwriter from LB who went on to become an MCA recording artist.  (The record labels came to TRACY's in Long Beach!) 

This video below actually applies to ALL DRIVERS across the USA- it's NOT just black and white. Chris Rock can even get rid of those words. SUPERB because it's informative and funny -but SAD that some of us who don't know the feel of cuffs can laugh at the most crucial times... 01:45 - 01:50 : Did he just say what I thought he said?! My concern re: 02:00 led me to put out a call for my city's ARRESTING PROCEDURE specifically Hand Placement. Thankfully NAACP + Police came through & held a Seminar at MLK Park. But that was years ago and too loca. We need NATIONWIDE procedures. - KaRi (holla back at 562-804-5625)

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