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Dear President T'rump: Why not offer Trumpcare as an OPTION to Obamacare instead of a replacement? Reopen or build Mental Institutions which Reagan closed. And while you're at it, why not put the children's book below in every school and public library, hospital, prison, church... - KaRi

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The US Postage Stamp is one of the Best Deals in America

One digit off your zip code and it can ruin your whole day, week... delivery! This is a good vid to click before you ship!

(BELOW:  The first "music video" TPSradio created for local TV featured a singer songwriter from LB who went on to become an MCA recording artist.  (The record labels came to TRACY's in Long Beach!) 


"I expect FACEBOOK will be around for years, so when I get old and gray, I can sit down, scroll back, and REALLY get to know myself all over again, LOL." - KaRi Aug 27, 2016

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